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Rules and Regulations

This park is a safe haven for all that visit and enjoy the outdoors.  These Rules and Regulations have been designed to encourage residents to promote the enjoyment and convenience of all residents in the park.  Any of the following actions will lead to immediate removal of the individual and their group from the park without refund or any other compensation.


  1. Public out-of-control drunkenness or behavior under the influence of illegal drugs is prohibited.  Public possession of any illegal substances is prohibited.


  1. All RV’s and Trailers must be towed in by owner and be able to tow away at a moments notice in case of emergency or fire.


  1. Public swearing, fighting or any aggressive behavior against any camper (including family members) or staff is prohibited.


  1. No firearm, fireworks, explosives, or weapons of any type may be discharged within the park at any time.


  1. Park Rental fees are based on one RV, or one vehicle (two tents)- Additional fees will be charged for extra people and extra vehicles.  It is your responsibility to notify the office of your overnight guests.


  1. Extra parking and guest parking: If you/guest vehicles will not fit in your site, you/they must park in the overflow area.  Please park so others can use the overflow parking as well.  Please do not allow any vehicle in your site to protrude into street.  This makes it difficult and unsafe for others to park their RV’s.


  1. Pets (dogs and cats) are welcome, but must be kept on a leash and under control when not in your RV.  Pets may be staked to a patron’s site or in a pen adequate to contain the animal as long as there is a responsible party present at all times.  Should the owner need to go inside the RV or leave the site for any reason, the pet must be returned to the RV.  No pets allowed in the restrooms, laundry facility, or office area. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.  Your pet’s mess is your mess, please clean it up immediately, put in dumpster.  Violators will be asked to leave the park.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings.  (Oregon State Law)


  1. Laundry rooms and Restrooms are for park residents only.  Please do not leave items unattended in the Laundry or Restroom.  River Mountain RV and it’s staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  It is prohibited to hang laundry outside your RV.  Do not wash or dry pet bedding in the laundry room.


  1. Washing of any vehicle/RV is prohibited in your site.  Residents must maintain their vehicles and RV sites in a clean, safe and attractive profile.  No vehicle repair is allowed in RV sites.


  1. Quiet time will be observed from 10:00pm to 8:00am.  No loud noises or music permitted at any time.  Please be considerate of you neighbors.


  1. Sewer connections must be water tight and park approved, complying with Oregon Health Code.  All sewer hoses must be elevated on a stand.  Tenant is responsible for their equipment beyond the point of hookup.


  1. Speed limit is 5 M.P.H. throughout the park at all times.  Violators will be given one warning.  If you do not slow down you will be asked to leave the park.  Please advise guests of the speed limit rules.


  1. All children 10 years and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Parents are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children/grandchildren.  No one is to walk/run between or through guest sites at any time.  (Caution) Parents, please use extra caution with children down by the river bank.


  1. No signs of any kind may be displayed in the Park without the approval of the management.  Solicitation, commercial activity, or on site selling of any kind is not permitted.


  1. No outside/under RV storage is permitted unless approved by the management.


  1. RV sites may not be altered in any way without the permission of the management.


  1.   Household garbage only, No outside garbage of any kind.  No appliances, metals, mattresses, paints, pesticides, hazmat, furniture, or construction debris.  All cardboard must be broken down.  Deposit all garbage in bag in dumpster. Fish entrails  go back in river. DO NOT pile garbage outside of dumpster.


Violation of any rule or regulation will result in immediate eviction


The management of River Mountain RV Park is charged with enforcing these rules and regulations, either expressed or implied.  I/WE the undersigned have read and agree to abide by these rules and regulations.


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