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River Mountain Rottweilers

Litter on 12/21/24   5males 3 females  / sold out Check us out for next litter

Congratulations! By owning a Rottweiler, you have a wonderful friend and companion. Rotties are eager to be your partner, but reluctant to be a slave. He/She is both intelligent and sensitive and will respond best when discipline is fair, firm, and consistent.

The personality of the Rott may range from very friendly to very reserved. They love family and enjoy playtime and being close to their people, thus following you from room to room keeping you in view. They do not thrive in a kennel environment, although a fenced yard is a must for the dog to safely experience some freedom of movement. No Rottweiler should spend all its time alone, banished from family. Rottweilers are people dogs. If left in isolation they can quickly develop unpleasant traits. No Rottweiler should be chained or tied as they will become bored and destructive behavior may occur.

Rottweiler's ancestors were the drover's dogs accompanying the herds the Romans brought with them when invading Europe. The controllable herding and guarding instincts were recognized by the Germans, and the dogs were selectively bred for these traits. As need for its services diminished, the Rottweiler almost fell into extinction. In the early 1900's a newly formed club established a breed standard. The breed has not changed since that time, which is why it is so important to have a purebred Rottweiler. Temperament, structure, health, and appearance are the fractures a responsible breeder makes sure of.

The Rottweiler is a Working Breed and is happiest when given a job to perform, even as simple a one as carrying a newspaper or package for you. Its versatility is demonstrated by its ability as a tracking dog, a obedient friend, a therapy dog, a support dog for the handicapped, a herding dog, a police canine, and, most importantly, as a devoted companion.

The day you bring your new puppy home is the day you have been waiting for. It is your first day as a long-term companion, and you want to begin bonding with your pup immediately. Start off right by staying home, so you can make your puppy feel secure and enjoy every minute of this experience. Rottweilers are very sensitive and may shut down the first couple of days to watch and get adjusted to their new environment. Give them the attention and time to watch and feel you love. They will then become playful and happy in their new home with you.

Enjoy your new friend! We here at River Mountain Rottweiler are here to help you. We would love hearing about and receiving pictures of you and your new companion.

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